About us

about us

Our Story

Harmony Asian Funeral Directors are a family owned, independent funeral service provider and this is our story on how we and why we decided to become the UKs leading Asian Funeral Service provider.

It was during organising and arranging my Grandfathers funeral I was very upset at the level of service provided by current funeral providers. During a difficult time for my family we just did not feel that the sUP[ervices available where adequate. That is why we decided that no family should receive this average service; instead we set out to provide a higher level of service. We understand from a customer’s point of view what is required at the time of need. With this message in our hearts we set out and opened our doors to the public, we see each family as our family, every decease as our mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers and sisters. When you walk through the doors at Harmony Funeral Care we open our arms and bring you into our family.

Jas Dosanjh
Managing Director

Our Promises

  • Reassurance – we want you to be reassured in using us as your chosen funeral directors for your loved ones funeral service.
  • Peace of Mind – when you walk out of our doors you should have peace of mind that we will look after your loved one as you would wish.
  • Supportive – we will support families throughout the bereavement period, helping in all aspects to the families needs.

Our promise to all our families is that we will help you plan and arrange your funeral requests with care, respect, clarity and with the highest level of service guarantee. We promise to help guide you through this difficult time with clarity, making it easier to understand and clearly outlining the next steps. It’s important to know we are here 24 hours a day, if you require help.