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Understanding the varying needs of families, we are able to accommodate open casket services or religious ceremonies within a number of places.

A Sikh funeral is known as ‘Antam Sanskaar’,

Sikhs put stock in immigration (karma) of the spirit and that demise is a characteristic piece of life. They accept human existence is a valuable chance to break the spirit’s pattern of resurrection and return it to Waheguru, the Sikh name for God. Sikh memorial services are known as Antam Sanskaar, signifying “the last transitional experience”, with the focal point of the function being a festival of the spirit re-joining Waheguru.

What occurs at a Sikh memorial service is managed by the expectations of the Sikh religion.

A Sikh memorial service commonly happens at a Gurdwara either previously or after the cremation, however, it tends to be held at the family home or at the crematorium. Sikh memorial service supplications are normally recounted during the help, including a local area petition called Ardas.

Generally, cremation is preferred for Sikh memorial services, however internment is acknowledged whether the conditions don’t take into consideration incineration . At a Sikh cremation service, the remains of the deceased are normally covered or dispersed in a stream, yet this relies upon area and family conditions.

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