Tips & Guidelines On Planning Asian Funerals

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Tips & Guidelines On Planning Asian Funerals

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Asian funerals bring a different meaning and approach to how people bid their final farewell to a loved one. Although the key ingredients are generally the same, certain cultures in Asia bring different traditions, customs and approaches to funerals and ceremonies. Understanding the unique aspects and elements that these religions, in particular, Sikh and Hindu bring to funerals is essential in planning the perfect funeral. Cultural Significance: Funerals bring with them immense cultural significance, in Asian cultures especially. Particular elements, ceremonies and rituals must be included for a truly authentic experience. Sikh and Hindu funerals also have specific do’s and don’ts to follow that families may not be aware of. From understanding which clothing and food to provide at the funeral to having certain individuals say specific prayers, planning funerals to reflect the deceased and their cultures’ wishes is essential. Family Traditions: Although customs vary depending on family beliefs, they, too, will want to reflect the deceased’s traditions and ensure they’re fulfilled during the funeral. As each Asian family can have very individual views and preferences on how to remember their loved one best, understanding the key features and elements each would like to include can help to shape a funeral that captures the spirit and respects the family’s wishes. Picking a Trustworthy Funeral Director: When deciding who should handle the funeral, many people turn to funeral directors to offer guidance and advice on proceedings. While this is key, ensure you find a funeral director with experience in Asian funerals. This can be a challenging time for families, and comfort is often guised in the confidence the family has for those planning the funeral. In addition, a well-informed Asian funeral director can provide help and knowledge on Asian culture-specific funerals, taking on all the complex tasks. Honouring the Deceased: Above all, the best way to honour the deceased and reflect on their life, beliefs and preferences is to hold a funeral or memorial service that embodies this. Bespoke Planning: This option of bespoke planning gives family members complete control over the ceremony. Whether it means making sure they choose the best people to act as pallbearers to designing their special flower displays, prayers and songs. So, from being mindful that Sikhs have no alcohol or tobacco to be consumed near the body or cremation to holding a Hindu funeral with incense and diyas (small earthen lamps), tailored ceremonies can give family members the ultimate freedom to arrange a perfect funeral for the departed.  No matter what customs, cultures, beliefs and rituals, an experienced and trustworthy Asian funeral director can provide tips, points, and guidelines to help you plan an Asian funeral that best honours your loved one and reflects their life, memories and values. With an understanding of these aspects and assistance from a professional funeral director, you can arrange an incredibly personal, meaningful and memorable service. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our services.

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